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Corona virus is hitting the media intensely, and the regular flu season is just around the corner, so we thought we would share some crucial tips on how to strengthen your immune system naturally.

  1. REST – One of the biggest help to our immune system is getting enough rest. Rest/Sleep is vital to helping our body recover from our daily stresses. When we are tired, our systems are -overwhelmed and struggle to overcome the attacks on our system. Try and get at least 7-8HRS every night to give your body the best chance of healing through rest.
  2. AVOID SUGARY FOODS – Sugary foods dampen our ability to raise an effective immune response for up to 8 hrs after consuming these foods. This means you ability to fight bugs and viruses is severely hampered through eating these foods. What is worse, sugary foods are actually the preferred foods of bacteria, so you are feeding them when you are eating these foods.
  3. VITAMIN C – chew on 1-2 Chewable vitamin Cs per day as a daily boost to our immune system. When feeling under the weather, you could take up to 10-12 chewable per day, however should you get the runs, you have had too much,
  4. EXERCISE– Moving your body energises the system. Regular exercise increases the strength of the body, and provides energy to our cells and brain. This too helps boost the immune system
  5. SPEAK GOOD THINGS – Our mental attitude can affect up to 75% of our physical physiology. Our words have power over our health and well being. Instead of saying, I feel sick, focus on the words, I am getting better.
  6. AVOID MORE STRESS – Limit the stresses in your life. Stress has a severely negative impact on our nervous system. Delegate, say no or offload certain activities that raise you stress levels. It will be better for your immune system, mental health and overall health.
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7. CHIROPRACTIC!! – Chiropractic adjustments have been shown to effectively reduce stress in the body, boost the fight cells of the immune system and provide better overall functioning of our body systems, thereby boosting overall immune status. Chiropractic patients who get adjusted at least 1/month or more find they get 59% less sick than those who do not. If you are feeling unwell, rather than staying away, get adjusted more! We are certainly not afraid of the bugs.