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The 5 most dangerous words

By Theo Blote | June 22, 2020

Maybe It Will Go Away Pain is a clear direction from the body that it’s not happy and something isn’t as it should be. Healing cannot be confused with simply the lack of pain.Commonly, the inflammation and pain generated by it will clear, however dysfunction in normal movement of joints may remain. This pre-disposes the…

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By Theo Blote | March 9, 2020

Corona virus is hitting the media intensely, and the regular flu season is just around the corner, so we thought we would share some crucial tips on how to strengthen your immune system naturally. REST – One of the biggest help to our immune system is getting enough rest. Rest/Sleep is vital to helping our…

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“There’s Something I Forgot to Tell You…”

By Theo Blote | February 6, 2020

After a week or two of care a new patient will often pull us aside. They go on to describe some aspect of their health that has improved. Only thing, it’s not what prompted them to originally see us for care. This happens surprisingly often. They didn’t mention their acid reflux, indigestion or some other…

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Internal Inflammation

By Theo Blote | November 11, 2019

It might seem tasty, but fast, highly processed food is a known cause of inflammation. Inflammation is your immune system’s response to an infection, injury or irritation. It’s how our body’s white blood cells protect us from bacteria and viruses. An infected cut shows signs of inflammation with swelling, redness and pain. A similar response…

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Back Pain what can I do?

By Theo Blote | November 4, 2019

Ouch! Your back hurts. You’ll go to a doctor if it doesn’t let up soon, but meanwhile, what can you do to treat back pain? Better yet, since you don’t want to simply treat it, what can you to relieve back pain? Wait a minute. What can you do to cure back pain – now?!…

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November’s Healthy Minute

By Theo Blote | October 28, 2019

Healthy Back Habits We are creatures of… habit. Many chronic health issues are the result of choices we’ve made for years. They can add up to health challenges that may prove difficult or impossible to correct. Here are three habits for a happy spine for years to come: 1. Maintain Good Posture: Just as looking…

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October’s Healthy Minute

By Theo Blote | September 30, 2019

Workplace Wellness Strategies Practicing healthy habits is important wherever you are, and since most of us spend hours each day at work behind a desk, it can be a challenge to keep up on our wellness. Instead of giving in to our newfound “workaholic” lifestyle, consider these three ways you can ensure you’re putting your…

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‘Text Neck’ And Bad Posture In Teens .

By Theo Blote | June 26, 2019

IPhones, Ipads, Ipods, Xbox, Playstation, you name it, our generation of kids have it! And now Text neck! Who would have thought that the use of smartphone & tablet devices could create such frequent occurring neck pain, that it has its own definable term? Posture, especially good upright posture, is declining fast. With usage on…

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Do you wake up with Aching Joints?

By Theo Blote | June 10, 2019

Cold mornings and aching joints. A painful reality for too many people. Why do we get aching joints? Check this short video by Dr Theo on why we get aching joints. Simple strategies: Improve our diet to remove inflammatory foods Choose supplements that can reduce inflammation such as Fish oils, Tumeric, Ginger & Boswelia Increase…

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Why Does My Back Hurt?

By Theo Blote | May 27, 2019

Back problems are common conditions. Estimates from the Australian Bureau of Statistics 2014–15 National Health Survey show about 3.7 million Australians (16% of the population) have back problems. It is estimated that 70–90% of people will suffer from lower back pain in some form at some point in their lives. Why is back pain so…

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