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GIVING BACK: Dr Theo Blöte invites you to support the Jimboomba Chiropractic and HQ Espresso sponsor children. The clinic believes in giving back to others.

Jimboomba Chiropractic – More than just a local business

One of the region’s newest businesses has its eyes not on profits, but philanthropy at its heart.

Jimboomba Chiropractic and HQ Espresso have opened up its doors allowing local customers the opportunity to access chiropractic services and healthy food options, all while playing a role in helping children in need overseas.

The man behind the business, Dr Theo Blöte explains: “Our goal at the clinic is to be able to sponsor as many children in Africa and Indonesia as we can,” Dr Theo said. We are already sponsoring five, but we’re aiming to reach 15 then 25 children; a percentage of patient fees and profits from the cafe will be used to go towards the sponsorship.” As the businesses grow, so too will their sponsorship. “It fits with our personal philosophy of having compassion. We are a part of the local church and it is our belief that we should be giving back to what we call God’s Kingdom,” Dr Theo said.

Jimboomba Chiropractic opened to the public in May, followed by HQ Espresso’s recent opening in mid-July. Together the two businesses focus on health and well-being, complementing each other by providing chiropractic care and support, and a healthy and nutritious food option to those in the area. “Our goal at the clinic is to be able to sponsor as many children in Africa and Indonesia as we can.”– Dr Theo Blöte

With 10 years experience running his clinic at Browns Plains, Dr Blöte said the time was right to expand into Jimboomba after years of patient requests. “We wanted to ensure we did it right; we had the vision and wanted to be able to offer a space that is welcoming,” he said. “The space isn’t about coming in and getting a quick fix; it is a place where people can come, relax and be looked after.”

Where They Are:

Chiropractic services are available Wednesday and Friday, while HQ Espresso is open from Monday to Friday from 5.30am – 20pm with a wide range of healthy foods including wraps, salads and panini, as well as tea and their Exclusive Coffee, by Undercover Roaster. This Coffee is Roasted exclusively for HQ Espresso and is quickly becoming Jimboomba’s favourite coffee.

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