My back pain is normal.

Back Pain is never Normal
Daily Back Pain Is Common, But Never Normal.

When a new client is seen for the first time in my office, I take my time to investigate what is going on for them and understand why this person might be struggling with their aches and pain.

People will always list their highest pain first, the one thing that is bugging them the most, however one question I like to ask to see if there is more is, do you have any other spinal pain?

It amazes me the amount of times I hear, oh yes, I have back pain everyday, but that’s normal.


It is so common for this person to have back pain, that it has actually become normal for them. To wake up daily, take a hot shower, pop a pain killer (or 2-3, multiple times per day) and go about their day.

I am here to tell you, back pain is NOT normal! Nothing about regular back pain is normal. AND you DON’T have to live back pain.

Pain is a signal from the body, our nervous system, to tell us that something is not working properly and inflammation is the result. This inflammation is attempting to ‘heal’ or ‘recover’ an injury. Chronic long term inflammation will change our ability to perceive pain, change muscle function and may lead to long term scar tissue in the affected area. This overtime may lead to more significant injury in the area.

Don’t put up with ‘normal’ back pain! Have it checked by a Chiropractor to find out what is going on, why is it hurting and how you could go about resolving this.

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