November’s Healthy Minute

Healthy Back Habits

We are creatures of… habit. Many chronic health issues are the result of choices we’ve made for years. They can add up to health challenges that may prove difficult or impossible to correct.

Here are three habits for a happy spine for years to come:

1. Maintain Good Posture: Just as looking both ways before crossing the street was engrained in our minds at a young age, so should proper posture. Good posture reduces the stress to the supporting muscles and ligaments of your spine.

2. Avoid Disc Risks: Some sports and popular activities have been aptly dubbed “disc risks.” Become more mindful about the impact on your spine from things like roller coasters and extreme sports activities.

3. Stand More Sit Less: Let’s face it—most of us sit a lot. We sit at home, at work, and even during social events. Get up and walk each hour.

Car Trauma Means Spinal Trauma

Most of us have been involved in at least one minor fender bender. Though the damage to a car may have been easy to spot, your injuries aren’t so obvious. Even if you feel fine, it’s possible that you’ve suffered muscle strain or worse:

Whiplash: It’s the most common injury seen in car accidents. When hit from behind the force first whips your unsupported head back, and then forward sharply.

Disc Herniation: In a more severe accident, it’s possible for a spinal disc to become weak or bulge. Especially between the vertebrae in the lower spine.

Pinched Nerve: After an accident, a nerve involvement can produce pain and inflammation. This could take anywhere from days to months or even longer to develop.

The unseen damage spinal trauma from a car accident can often show up long after you’ve forgotten about the incident. Encourage those you love to call us for a non-obligation evaluation.

Boost Your Immune System For the Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching and sometimes it brings more than joy. With year-end deadlines, travel and social obligations, it also means stress. It’s a common time of the year when our bodies become drained leading to illness. Here’s how you can ensure peak holiday health.

Incorporate more Vitamin C into your diet. This means choosing foods like oranges, red peppers and broccoli.

Skip the sugar. We tend to lose sight of eating well over the holidays and indulge in things (and amounts) that we usually wouldn’t, stressing our body.

Wash your hands. Avoid introducing germs into your body by not rubbing your mouth, eyes and nose.

Get adjusted. When your nervous system is working properly, so are other critical systems important to your health. While chiropractic care isn’t a treatment for colds or the flu, adjustments can help manage stress and keep your immune system strong.