Touch Plants Leads to Stress Reduction!

Stress reduction might just mean getting in touch with nature!

We live in a concrete jungle and are losing touch with nature.

Today we live HIGH STRESS lives in concrete jungles.  We drive from concrete homes, on concrete roads to concrete buildings and sit under fluorescent lights. Everyday just seems to get busier & busier. While we are interacting with nature less & less.  But maybe that’s exactly what we need to do! Get in ‘Touch’ with Nature.

Researchers in Japan, proved that men who touched plant leaves for two minutes felt calmer and had less blood flow to the brain stress areas (see study here). This is especially relevant for you & I today. Because, our brain can only be in one state at a time, healing or stress, reducing blood flow to this area of the brain means a greater ability to process thoughts more clearly. Plus more healing within your body. So what are you waiting for?

This study shows that people experience an unconscious calming reaction to touching a plant.

Stress is one of the leading causes of ill-health in our society. Maybe it has already affected your health & well being?

I want to challenge you!

This week take time out of your day to:

Get in the Garden! Why not develop a green thumb. “A garden is a place where we can slow down and reconnect with the natural world the way our ancestors did all day, every day,” says Kristen K. Brown, author of The Happy Hour Effect: 12 Secrets to Minimize Stress and Maximize Life.

Consider going for a Bush Walk! Feel the energy of the environment around you.

Furthermore, go out and smell the Roses!  Research has proven that smelling fresh rose flowers induced physical and mental relaxation.

Therefore, find a way to get in Touch with Nature & Reduce the stress in your life!


Dr Theo Blöte