‘Text Neck’ And Bad Posture In Teens .

IPhones, Ipads, Ipods, Xbox, Playstation, you name it, our generation of kids have it!

And now Text neck!

Who would have thought that the use of smartphone & tablet devices could create such frequent occurring neck pain, that it has its own definable term?

Posture, especially good upright posture, is declining fast. With usage on these devices nearing 4hrs+ per day, the strain on the ligaments. muscles and joints in the neck is too great. The effect? ‘text neck’ (see image below).

Text Neck is described by Health professionals such as chiropractors, when a person is bowing the head at an angle for extended periods while using a smartphone risking serious repetitive stress injuries.

A neck should have a healthy neck curve like pictured on the right in the image below. However too often, necks end up like that on the left. Which can lead to neck pain, headaches, eye pain, shoulder pain, nausea and migraines.

The before and after X-rays in the example above, demonstrate how chiropractic adjustments were able to help restore proper alignment in the spine following a care program of 90 days.

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