‘I Can Normally Adjust Myself’

Self Adjusting creates motion in already mobile joints.

When a chiropractor adjusts (restores motion) the spine, the by product of this is often referred to by patients as The ‘pop’, ‘crack’ or ‘noise’. This sound however is not made by bones, rather it is in fact a small amount of gas released within the joint.

When a person takes their own joints through a rapid motion (High Velocity), they are often able to re-recreate this ‘pop’ and feel a sense of relax, or pressure release.

This is because the fixated joint builds up stress in the joints above and below the fixation (see picture). When a person attempts to ‘self-adjust’ they will create extra motion in these already mobile but stressed joints.

Therefore, self-adjusting will result in making an already mobile joint, more mobile (Hypermobile) and therefore should be avoided.

If you find yourself need to ‘crack’ yourself, it is probably because there are fixated joints that need help.

A chiropractic adjustment is specific to the fixated joints (see picture) and restores the motion resolving the desire for self-adjusting.

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