October’s Healthy Minute

Workplace Wellness Strategies

Practicing healthy habits is important wherever you are, and since most of us spend hours each day at work behind a desk, it can be a challenge to keep up on our wellness. Instead of giving in to our newfound “workaholic” lifestyle, consider these three ways you can ensure you’re putting your health first at work.

1. Use an office bulletin board to share healthy recipes with co-workers. This isn’t just good for your diet—you’ll love getting to try new meals here and there.

2. Start a “break-time” walking club. You don’t have to go far or for long—even a lap or two around your office will get your heart pumping and muscles stretched.

3. Some workplaces provide snacks, which can be a nice perk of the job, though they may not always be the healthiest. If so, suggest healthier alternatives to your manager to help keep your office nutritious.

Exercise: A Real Brain-Booster

Sure, exercise gets the heart pumping, but it also boosts cerebral and mental health.

When you exercise, there’s an increase in blood flow to the brain. The result is a boost in cognitive capabilities. Whether you swim a few laps, cycle or run for a few minutes, the physical activity you do can help sharpen your mental performance. It can even enhance your ability to learn something new. An increase in “brain-derived neurotrophic factor,” which stimulates brain cell growth, is another benefit of exercise.

Emotional health may improve with exercise, too. Working out is an effective and natural way to relieve stress, anxiety and even depression. Exercise also helps keep the brain spry. Some studies suggest it may stave off dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. In addition to working out, getting regular chiropractic adjustments can help keep your nervous system in tip-top shape.

Overlooked Source of Back Pain

A quality mattress that supports your back can make all the difference between getting so-so sleep and superb shuteye. If you’re trying to sleep on an old mattress with inadequate support, it may be the cause of chronic low back pain.

Perhaps its time for a new mattress. You’ll want to ensure that it supports the natural spinal curves and alignment. It’s a good idea to lie on different mattresses that offer varying degrees of support. Comfort, after all, is critical.

You may find, however, that a too-firm mattress could result in aches and pains on pressure points. A medium-firm mattress is likely your best bet. Medium-firm tends to provide comfort and support.

Consider a memory foam mattress. They can offer great support and may help prevent or reduce pain. Naturally, getting regular chiropractic check ups is another excellent way to relieve back pain and possibly enhance your sleep!