Abnormal Lumbar Curves May Lead to Low Back Pain

  Abnormal Lumbar Curves May Lead to Low Back Pain

Unhealthy Low Back Alignment May Lead To Chronic Low Back Pain

In Australia, up to 80% of all people will suffer Low Back Pain (LBP) at some point within their lives and 10% of this group will deteriorate to the point of total disability.

A lot of attention get paid to correcting/fixing LBP but what if we could prevent LBP?

To prevent back pain, we need to answer the question:

Who Gets Back Pain?

Anyone can have back pain, but some things that increase your risk are:

  •  Getting older. Back pain is more common the older you get. You may first have back pain when you are 30 to 40 years old.
  •  Poor physical fitness. Back pain is more common in people who are not fit.
  •  Being overweight. A diet high in calories and fat can make you gain weight. Too much weight can stress the back and cause pain.
  •  Some causes of back pain, such as ankylosing spondylitis, a form of arthritis that affects the spine, can have a genetic component.
  •  Other diseases. Some types of arthritis and cancer can cause back pain.
  •  Your job. If you have to lift, push, or pull while twisting your spine, you may get back pain. If you work at a desk all day and do not sit up straight, you may also get back pain.
  •  Your body may not be able to get enough nutrients to the disks in your back if you smoke. Smoker’s cough may also cause back pain. People who smoke are slow to heal, so back pain may last longer.

Knowing this information, then preventing LBP really is about minising the risk factors for LBP. Although you cannot stop yourself from getting older or change your genes, you have great influence over your level of fitness, weight and lifestyle habits.

What about Chiropractic?

Unhealthy Low Back Alignment May Lead To Chronic Low BAck Pain

Research conducted by Chiropractic BioPhysics (CBP), has shown that one of the primary reasons for LBP is incorrect alignment (Red lines in images) of the Lumbar (Low Back) Spine. For the Lumbar spine to function optimally, it should have an elliptical curve of around 40degrees (Blue lines in images). When the spine is correctly aligned, it’s equally loaded so that during lifting the spine can absorb loads correctly which minimises the risk of potential damage or pain.

Chiropractors study for 5 year at University to become experts in spinal health and well-being. Learning the best strategies to correct underlying alignment concerns within the spine. Therefore a Chiropractic Initial Consult, Exam. Posture assessment, and X-rays might just be what you need to prevent or manage Low Back Pain.

Our initial Consultation fee is $75.

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Yours in Health,

Dr Theo Blöte